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Thursday, June 14, 2007

check this out - you can buy a mark mcgwire barry bonds SIGNED baseball on eBay. i can't wait until barry surpasses hank aaron in home runs!

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my kids are completely into webkinz. what are they and why! they won't leave home without their stuffed animal and when the get home, all they want to do is go online and play with their webkinz!

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who knew you can buy a ferrari on ebay? you know my life revolves around cars. i' actually amazed that you can buy one on ebay. very cool...


I just bought a nintendo wii on eBay from who is now my favorite seller. Super fast shipping. Check it out!

This is by far my favorite eBay Store. I've bought several pieces of luggage from them at unbelievably good prices. You all know how much I travel - Luggage guy is a life saver!

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